Hip Nail H2

The Austofix Hip Nail H2 provides a simple and effective intramedullary fixation solution for all types of trochanteric fractures.


  • • The small diameter means minimal reaming is required for percutaneous insertion.
  • • With two implant types and lengths providing flexibility, the 130° implant is suitable for 90% of pertrochanteric fracture cases.
  • • The proven design eliminates shaft fractures from stress risers at the distal screw hole.
  • • Two proximal 6.5mm Hip Screws ensure the implant retains a small diameter.
  • • Twin screw designs prevent femoral-head rotation.
  • • The first 75% of the Distal Locking Screw thread is shallow to facility insertion. The final 25% expands to grip the lateral cortex preventing backout.